You are a living spell

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    Take a journey

    There’s a process, deep rooted in the women’s mysteries of Europe a cauldron of memory, that lays hidden in the long grass, that sleeps gently in the moss, and fern. To open this library, requires an unlearning. In a world so full of complexity, the wise woman knows a different type of sensing is being summoned up from within her.


    Elementals is here for the woman who;

    Has a deep yearning to simplify her work & come into a deeper state of presence

    The woman who wants to work from the root & the womb and heal the imbalance of “upper chakra” reliance

    To recall & remember wise woman craft as a pathway of healing & practice

    To expand her capacity to hold space

    To embody wisdom that is grounded yet expansive

    To learn how to speak with the elements & create ritual

    To lead a devotional life in harmony with her body, nature & community

    To deepen her understanding of somatic ecology and somatic approaches to working with the body in relation to nature.


    Are you a space holder? Facilitator? Woman’s guide? Are you a woman hungry for magic, witchy knowings & deep esoteric knowledge?

    This journey across 7 weeks is the first short container I have offered since 2020, I am incredibly excited to share and deepen the knots of ancient wisdom that are held so perfectly within the elements.

    Journey with me through








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    The intention of this program is to seed a deeper level of embodied wisdom within your being and to expand your awareness of the interplay of the elements within and without.


    When I first came to the exploration of magick and medicine. The elements where the first building blocks through which I received much of my personal gnosis and wisdom. Each element is in itself a teacher, an initiatory path and a library of infinite wisdom and potential. Within the mystery schools and esoteric schools an advanced knowledge of the elements is a prerequisite for a students progression within the magickal arts. At the core of all alchemy is an understanding of the forces of nature and how such can be woven to create a change in form, from led to gold so to speak.

    For the feminine mystic, the embodiment of elemental magick comes through consistently attuning to the world around her. As we deepen into ritual living and a life of pure devotion we sink deeper into the mystery and witness it's unfolding in every moment. The elements are a gateway, a potential that lies within the creative fabric of the universe.


    This teaching is brought through the art of transmission, supporting you as you undertake a personal journey of contemplation and dedication to an element. The intention of this journey is to expand your understanding of the grand design of your body as a mirror of nature and the cosmos. As you embody this knowledge at a core level, you begin to understand your capacity as a creatrix being alive in your breath, thought, movement and emotion. Walking you into a new layer of wisdom. Expanding how you impact the world around you and the level of intentionality that walks within your being.


    This training is ideal for women who work in the realm of facilitation, healing or shamanic therapy and will greatly complement your existing wisdom on spirituality and devotional living. It is also ideal for women who are just beginning to learn about spirituality and esoteric sciences. The teachings will anchor and mirror in unique ways for both intermediate practitioners and fresh minds alike.


    This is an offering very close to my heart, and year by year I re-enter the cycle of learning from the elements of the natural world. I am always humbled and brought back to the space of the eternal student. It is with a huge heart and a lot of excitement that I open this container and bring this specific teaching to the women who feel to journey with me through the elemental magicks. Much of the wisdom shared here has evolved from my personal journey with the wild, the Goddess and the teachings of various mystery traditions and esoteric schools.


    Across the last decade I have held both myself & many women in potent transformational processes; I have watched as our memory has activated and our magnetic force has animated. I have seen how the greatest lesson, task & responsibility we have in this life is the journey of coming home to our bodies.

    Where blind patterns guide us out of alignment- we are disembodied from the truth of our knowing. Where fear or scarcity, vibrates subtly in the back ground, we are hosting aspects that are not reflective of our souls wisdom.


    Across the worlds mystery traditions, there exists a knowing. That to heal & balance the human being, one must balance the elemental forces that exist within them. This is as true for Ayurveda as it is for shamanism, for Taoism as for Witchcraft.

    Possessing a logical understanding of the occult science can support the cultivation of wisdom, but embodying the felt sense of our elemental force leads to visible changes in our reality. This is at the core of what Magick means.


    In this training on Elementals, I am seeding a somatic approach to esoteric wisdom. This is designed with the intention of taking you deeper into your bodily wisdom & your telepathic connection with the natural world around you.

    This wisdom puts roots in your feet & ignites a fire in your spine; it spirals you down into the liminal waters & permeates the silence of your mind. This teaching is for women who are facilitators, healers & guides (or on the journey of remembering you are) this will support you in weaving deeper elemental work into your facilitation & creating highly powerful healing containers.

  • The Medicine You Receive




    At the core of ayurveda, chinese medicine and shamanic traditions alike is the knowledge that harmonising our inner elemental force is the first step to healing and balancing of the body, mind & spirit.

    This training will unlock ancient memory in your blood and bone. While bringing you deeper into your body and the rhythms of the natural world around you.



    You could spend a lifetime learning about the expressions of the elemental forces, it is a vast and often complex system of occult science.

    Yet for women embodying such an understanding requires for us to evolve the knowledge of our senses, and move beyond the mind into deep body-ecology.

    This is a somatic approach to esoteric wisdom, we learn through the body as we explore the unseen realms all around us.



    This program will support you to bring Elemental teachings into your work. As well as offering specific somatic approaches for you to support your clients with, informed by the elements.

    Advancing your capacity to hold potent containers for healing. To guide from a new state of wisdom and charged with a sense of presence that permeates through every movement you make.

    Teaching, leading, guiding and holding space with enhanced compassion and awareness.

  • Courses & Workshops

    Oracle of the Rose

    Oracle of the Rose

    Payment plan option available.

    Please note all purchases on trainings/courses/ workshops are non-refundable.

    Coming soon


    This is an invitation to join me on a journey through the elements. Exploring the teachings of Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Ether, as well as the expression of Thought & Light.
    The intention of this program is to seed a deeper level of embodied wisdom within your being and to expand your awareness of the interplay of the elements within and without.

    This is a self paced course, guidance is to take 1-2 weeks on each element.

    Each Module is delivered in the form of a pre-recorded Master Class
    There is open invitation to join various online Moon circles that I will be offering to my women's groups through out the remainder of the year.
    You receive
    7 x Master Class teachings
    3 x specifically curated Shamanic Journey Meditations
    1 Live Zoom Circle
    Open invitation to online Lunar circles for the remainder of the year.

    Please note all purchases on courses are non-refundable.
    Coming soon
    Witch Medicine

    Witch Medicine

    In this 4 hour workshop will explore;
    Witch craft & shamanism
    The Old Craft & Faerie
    Wise women & the devil
    Flying ointments & psychedelics
    Trance & brooms
    The Familiar spirit
    Goddess Paths
    The many names of Woman
    Why Modern day Magick

    This is a beautiful workshop delivered live and now available for purchase.

    Coming soon
    Mirror Magic Workshop

    Mirror Magic Workshop

    Magic mirrors across history
    Mirror working to heal our body
    Archetypes within the mirror
    The medicine of vanity
    Skin deep beauty, shape & womens form
    Eye gazing with the self
    Sacred sensuality & reflection
    Witches & mirrors
    Folk lore
    Reclaiming the goddess in our image
    Accessing the Akasha

    This is a beautiful workshop delivered live and now available for purchase.
    Please note all purchases on courses/ workshops are non-refundable.
    Coming soon