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    Transpersonal Coaching - Three Month program


    This program is 3 months in duration and is designed to assist women who are at a crossroads. Those who are emerging into a new state of being and self-awareness. This journey together opens you to your higher potentials and paves the way for embodiment of your gifts and mission.


    This is ideally suited to individuals who are:

    • experiencing aspects of spiritual emergence and/ or integrating from a Spiritual emergency/ Kundalini awakening
    • women who want to make radical changes to their career and to live in full alignment with their purpose
    • women who feel blocked in their throat & have a fear of being seen
    • women who want to create a clear pathway forward for developing a brand/ career that is rooted in their authentic expression and purpose



    The focus of the direction, sessions, goals, teachings and intentions of the mentoring space is of course unique to your needs and vision. This would become more clear following the chemistry call as each mentoring space is very unique, like a fingerprint, the exact focus and teachings that we bring through will be dependent on you.



    Very Limited spaces, please get in touch to book a complimenatry consultation.


    Fully booked until June 2024, applications welcome.

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    High Level Mentorship

    Thirteen months


    I am passionate about deepening into powerful metamorphosis with the women who journey with me. Within this container we unravel the truth of your soul song. Building clarity and action around who you are and what you came here to do. This level of mentorship walks you through subtle yet life changing layers of transformation and growth, releasing old programming and stepping into your power.


    This is ideally suited to individuals who are:

    • Women looking to journey into deeper layers of their self expression
    • The woman pivoting into the next level of her career
    • Women who want to start their own business or to grow an existing business
    • The woman who is ready to release the old stories and start living a radically authentic life
    • The woman who is ready to fully own the mantle of the wise woman, the modern priestess and the seer

    This program entails

    • 13 months of 1:1 Mentoring & transpersonal coaching support via zoom
    • Voxer coaching support
    • Energy work, breathwork & intuitive healing
    • Nervous system support & somatics
    • Specially curated audio meditations and transmissions
    • Brand development & Vision work
    • Re-wilding


    This space creates an intimate container built on trust, intuition and embodied knowing. The call of the soul song rising to birth something of lasting impact. The slowness, subtlety and commitment that journeying across 13 moons unlocks within your being is a potent medicine. Time is one of the most precious elements we have in our life, and attuning to a different pace, turning inwards as we grow, really filling your cup as you grow. This pathway is designed to hold you as you cross a very powerful bridge. This is a remembering, a birthing and a reclaimation of the fullness of your being.



    Very Limited spaces, please get in touch to book a complimenatry consultation.


    Fully booked until June 2024, applications welcome.



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    Entheogenic Leadership Program

    Two Year training


    This program is open to women who are preparing to step into the realm of the Visionary Medicine Guide. This is only open to three women in any given year and requires a high degree of commitment and training.


    Elements include

    Vision Fasting

    Esoteric teachings

    Entheogenic ceremony


    Please get in touch if you would like more information.


  • Get in touch

    If you would like to book a chemistry call or enquire about services please get in touch.

    00353 83 2080227
  • Elements of my practice include

    Coaching & Mentoring

    As a Coaching Psychologist (MA) my work encompasses a blend of positive psychology and mindfulness approaches, and at the heart of this work is a Transpersonal dimension, that is a holistic and spiritual approach to Coaching.


    Intuitive exploration

    At the heart of my facilitation is the understanding that no two journeys are the same and each individual embodies a unique frequency of untapped potential. This is just a simple overview so take a browse through the basic principles of my coaching facilitation.


    Transpersonal Coaching
    Many individuals are now identifying with more holistic ways of living, exploring transcendental experiences and the nature of spirituality in a safe and non-judgemental environment can provide a catalyst for integrating your experiences to your daily life and wider social systems.
    Together, we co-create a medium which facilitates exploration, discovery and healing within a protected space.

    Coaching Psychology

    Coaches working from a Coaching Psychology framework are specialists in behavior change who utilize systematic methodologies drawn from the psychological evidence base to bring about positive change. Whether you are looking to improve your well-being, access deeper awareness or create new pathways in your life, coaching can provide the inspiration and structure to support you on your journey towards self-mastery.

    Mindfulness Based Programs

    Our practice looks at the body as an entire system, where meditation forms a cornerstone for aligning all elements of your being, and the portal through which we may access altered states and heightened awareness. Through cultivating this practice we anchor in a true change to all aspects of your life.

    Breath Work

    Breathwork is a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science.Accessing natural altered states through breathwork allows us to delve deeper into the hidden layers of your being. Having mentored under Master Breath Worker Mike O'Meadhra, of Celtic Breath Work. I create a sacred space to journey through a combination of drumming and guided breath. My facilitation is based upon conscious connected cyclic breathing, using gentle mechanisms to reach expanded and healing states.The science of applying breath awareness exercises and conscious breathing techniques opens a force for growth, and change—in spirit, mind, and body.



    Mindful Leadership for Women

    This work is designed to support women in Leadership roles to build powerful communication styles that empower and inspire a new way of navigating the world and creating pathways for sustainable living and flourishing institutions. While also discovering your personal essence and unique leadership style.


    Shamanic therapy

    This is a central element of my work, that runs through every thread of how I show up with women, whether we are working in a boardroom or in the forest, I hold the foundation that everything is energy, and there are dimensions of the unseen realms that influence our daily lives and our soul path. This work blends a shamanic dimension into the flow of our time together. For deeper understanding of this element please red the section on DRAOI Path on this website.


    For more information on specific pathways please get in touch.



    Transparency note: Coaching Psychology is a developing profession within the wider field of Psychology; In the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), it is considered a Special Interest Group. This is a step on the way to becoming a full Division, where practitioners will be able to term themselves Chartered Coaching Psychologists.

    At present there is no pathway within Ireland for legal registration of Coaching Psychologists and for Coaches with postgraduate studies in Coaching Psychology and continuous development, its is within the current legal confines to use the term Coaching Psychologist for individuals with proper training and aptitude. However it is essential to note that it is against the law to misrepresent qualifications, or deceive or fraudulently represent ourselves in any way (see article link below). I am an associate member of the PSI and a member of the special interest group in Coaching.

    This is not a clinical or counselling practice. This is an emerging field and I am very excited to be part of the spear head that is witnessing the evolution of Coaching as a field.








    Leila Sadien

    Medical Doctor, Integrative Shamanic Therapist


    I initially met Cathy on my path of exploring entheogen's as shamanic medicine in 2020. In the first 15 minutes of our virtual meeting, I was overcome with emotion. I had dreamed of meeting a master of magick, but could not have imagined finding Cathy… someone so deeply embodied in her magick that I viscerally felt it oozing through the ether as we spoke.

    Since then Cathy has been a living breathing guide on my path to personally embodying my highest potential and accessing magick in a very real and grounded way. I deeply appreciate her impeccability and unwavering resolve to teach respect for this sacred medicine work. The way in which she commands her art with such power and deep humility leaves one with no choice but to draw on one’s own Divinity to meet it…

    I am so deeply honoured to be taught and loved by this miraculous agent of change.

    - Dr. Leila Sadien, Renascent Health


    Robyn Smith

    CEO Faithful to Nature, Witch, Healer, Mother.


    Cathy holds ancient keys and the power to open doors of potential for her clients. This is an extremely rare gift and one that she uses with impeccable integrity, compassion, high intelligence, and grace. I am completely blown away by how much healing, knowledge, perception and skill I have had the privilege of gleaning from Cathy in our short time working together. I will be forever grateful that our paths have crossed.


    Zaid Fredrickson

    CEO at Constellation


    "Working with Cathy has been a plan in the works for the best part of 2 years. Our paths crossed at a burn in 2017, an ideal ground for synchronicity, but it was a few months after, through our shared connection to pyramids and ancient cultures that we began to speak. As I was abroad, we built a connection of trust through our shared beliefs in philosophy, mysticism, ancient cultures and visions on medicine journeys.
    It was only after this 2 years that we managed to meet again, excitedly meeting up for a breathwork and meditation session and after the depth of journeying with breath and subsequent intensity of light language channeling, we knew that we had to work together given the depth of experience working with the mushroom and knowing that we were vision questing on a similar level
    Two days later, Cathy prepared a mycelium ceremony where I would "journey" and where she would hold space. After some initial preparatory talks and administering the medicine, we sunk into talks about what to expect and how to best flow with the oncoming effects on the plant.
    Cathy suggested breathwork and within a few mins, having found a rhythm, I settled into a rhythm of channeling a god consciousness under her watchful guise. The breathwork allowed me to tap into time beyond the creation of what we call the universe, being with entities and speak a language faster than light itself and understanding the purity of source itself and how the playful nature of energy, vibration, frequency, and movement are at the epicenter of cosmic creation, that which is unconditional love. This channeling and understanding of light language and ancient knowledge which I was tapping into was my most profound ceremony experience ever, being in such a superconscious state while traveling through multiple dimensions, connecting to the crystal grid on earth and bringing this source code from the origins of the beginning into now. What I do know is that the breath work allowed my journey to be of the highest purity throughout. Purity of creation, purity of being, purity of mind and heart in complete alignment to remember the divine infinite self and how we as a collective of healers will rebirth this into the new paradigm by unlocking these encoded messages and gene keys hidden in our DNA. What became very apparent to me is that we may access mycelium healing in order for us to get back to our own multidimensional self, how the act of breath of fire also plays a key role in this 3D space/body to activate oneself for the upgrade to 5D. It has also become very apparent the need to be physically lighter, to create the perfect body vessel alignment for future journeys
    There is so much to expand on this journey but at this time I would like to thank Cathy for guiding me through this multidimensional awakening and journey back to who I am. To a time from a very ancient past where we also knew each other. During and after the ceremony, Cathy held the space impeccably, allowing me to phase out and immediately integrate what I had experienced, where she would listen, advise and give her own perspective from her knowledge.
    Her subsequent follow-ups have been regular which has really helped me ground, honor my / the absolute truth and I am convinced she is without a doubt a guardian of ancient secrets.
    Thank you, Cathy, and looking forward to our next journeys."



    Kathrin Raczek

    Creative Director

    Cathy first facilitated a Breathwork workshop which I attended, this was an unexpected experience for me where the rhythm of breath allowed me to break through into my first holotropic experience, it was a gentle yet extremely powerful awakening for me. Following the breath session, I scheduled to do a one to one nature immersion day with Cathy. The session would turn out to be such a profoundly special blessing. In this space, I was exposed to Cathy's gifts as a truly powerful healer and facilitator.
    Cathy knows how to create a sacred space where the magic and healing can naturally unfold.
    In our work together, she held me in a safe space and also gave me the room to dive deep into my own source and magic. It was such an aligned and mind-blowing experience which showed me what is possible and how interconnected I am with nature. And that was just the beginning. This was one of the first facilitators I have worked with that really mirrored back to me my own divinity and powerful feminine nature, making me feel less like a novice and more like a being stepping into my true power. Cathy comes highly recommended.

    - Kathrin


    Selina Newman

    Executive Coach


    I started working with Cathy in November 2018. At the time I was in transition, I left my corporate job and started my own business.

    I met with a few coaches before deciding who I would work with. Being a coach myself I wanted to work with someone who used different techniques and who’s style was different to mine. I also wanted to work with someone who had a background in psychology.

    Going through this transition, my goals were to figure out who I was outside of my corporate job. I wanted to understand myself better so that I could lean into my skills and define my business offering. Our first coaching journey consisted of 8 sessions, online and face to face, and it was a combination of traditional coaching and breathwork.

    I’ve never done breathwork before and my first experience was life-changing. Cathy has a calm demeanor and she is very knowledgeable, I don’t think I would be open to doing this type of work with anyone else.

    During the breathwork session, she provides guidance and support. She takes you through the process and she demonstrates how to do it. It's a deep cyclical breathe that feels easy and natural when you get into it.

    Cathy works intuitively, which I love, it means that she is in touch with what's going on for me during the breathwork session, so if I stop breathing, I can hear her take deep breaths which remind me to breathe and get back into the cycle.

    In my third breathwork session, I released so much pain and trauma I had been holding onto. The experience itself I cannot put into words, but I know that if I wasn’t working with a professional like Cathy that I wouldn’t have made it through. She knew when to switch from deep cyclical breathing to breathing through the nose. She knew when I needed to process and when I could continue the process. It was an emotional session but Cathy held the space for me during the session and after the session. I knew that I would be okay, that it was okay to let go and trust the process.

    I am now on my second journey with Cathy and think we will have a few more. I wanted to work with Cathy because of her background, but I continue to work with her because of her professionalism, knowledge, expertise and her passion for healing others. She creates a safe space and makes me feel comfortable and supported.

    If you are interested in exploring breathwork, coaching or guided meditations. I would recommend Cathy. My life has changed and I’ve learned so much about myself over the past few months, thanks to her.

    - Selina


    John Bentley

    Tantric Yogi and Spiritual Seeker


    I'm far from new to esoteric practices but tried Shamanic Breathwork for the first time with Cathy. The practices far exceeded any expectations I may have had. Cathy's ability to hold space while orchestrating and conducting energy within that space is absolutely first class. With a natural compassion and talent for helping others, all practitioners are wonderfully guided while being kept safe and assisted through a clear and tenable progression of inner development, clearing and growth. Anyone partaking in Cathy's classes and sessions is fortunate enough to have found a powerful and skilled guide and teacher and a true and genuine Draoi. I feel graced and blessed to have the opportunity to practice with her.