Six month shamanic therapy training


    Over the last two decades I have committed to a layer of initiation with the wild and the wild places. To walk the Goddess path and remember the beauty way. Across this time I have journeyed with a number of women to hold them through high degrees of apprentice training, these apprentice spaces have traditionally filled via a chance meeting, word of mouth or from a direct invitation to my female clients. With a total of three women undertaking such iniatory training within the DRAOI tradition in any given 13 moon cycle. These spaces are always filled with a complete knowing. A knowing that lands in an instant.


    The Oracle of the Rose is the first apprentice space that I have been guided to open to the public. The call has been incredibly strong. The transmssions that are anchoring for this process have left me in a state of complete awe and anticipation, for the beauty of this weave that is forming. I know that the 10 women who will walk with me, are already out there, waiting to read these words and preparing to embark on this next layer of initiation.


    This path will utterly transform and expand you in every way. Preparing you for the level of space holding that we are being summoned to hold at this time of great change. This path will also empower you to evolve specific skill sets and to deeply embody the rose codex. It is at once a process of personal transformation and a professional development training.


    At the close of 2021 I received a transmission to create the Oracle Spiral, an intensive 4 month program, desigend to support women in getting clear on how to weave their vision into a soul led business. The foundation of that program came with the recognition that so many women in my community were dealing with financial literacy issues and ancestral blocks. Stopping them from fully showing up authentically, empowered and comfortable with their value. Through the Oracle Spiral myself and my team have supported over 30 women, in breaking through to their next level of embodied leadership. At that time I knew the Oracle Spiral had many levels, driven by my intention to support visionary women in finding their way back into positions of circular leadership.This next expression is now ready to birth and radically elevate the women who hear the call into their next level of embodied, rooted expression.


    There is a major shift afoot, magick and medicine are required at this time to birth the new paradigm into being. So many people are completely disconnected from their bodies, this is evident in how we treat each other and the earth herself. The time to support each other back onto the path of the Mother is now. The earth is our greatest teacher and mirror of the stars.



    In the heart of every woman lies an oracle, a wellspring of wisdom and strength. The Oracle of the Rose, invites you to join an intimate group of visionary women on a six-month journey to support the rooting of the wise woman within. This is more than a program; it's a transformational experience, designed to guide you in embodying your unique medicine and leading your communities with renewed purpose and insight.


    Over six transformative months, you will:


    Dive Deep into Your Inner World: Uncover the layers of your being and rediscover the core of your essence.

    Embrace Your Unique Medicine: Learn to harness your innate gifts and talents, cultivating them to serve both yourself and others.

    Cultivate a Sisterhood of Support: Forge unbreakable bonds with fellow seekers, creating a network of encouragement and understanding.

    Expand Your Horizons: Break free from limitations and expand your perspective, opening doors to new possibilities and opportunities.

    Lead with Heart and Wisdom: Equip yourself with the tools to guide your community from a place of integrated wisdom and compassionate leadership.

    A Tailored Experience for Profound Growth


    Our program is meticulously crafted to provide an immersive and supportive environment:


    Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned mentors who have walked the path and are passionate about empowering women.

    Integrated Learning: Engage in a blend of workshops, reflective practices, and experiential learning tailored to foster deep personal growth.

    Community Projects: Apply your newfound insights through community-oriented projects, making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

    Join Us in This Sacred Space


    The Oracle of the Rose is more than just a program; it's a calling. It's for the woman ready to step into her power, for the healer, the visionary, the leader in each of us. If you feel the stirrings of your inner oracle, we welcome you with open arms.


    Your journey begins here. Are you ready to embrace it?


    • Do you feel a deep connection with the earth and its ancient wisdom? How does this connection manifest in your daily life?
    • In what ways are you seeking to make the mysteries of the earth and the divine more tangible and present in your life?
    • What aspects of earth-based traditions and lineages resonate most deeply with you? Is there a specific path or practice that calls to you?
    • How does the desire to serve your community intertwine with your spiritual journey? In what ways do you envision your learning benefiting those around you?
    • Have you experienced a moment when you felt a profound connection with the Goddess? What did this experience teach you about yourself and your path?
    • What does healing your voice mean to you? How do you believe finding and nurturing your true voice will transform your life and the lives of others?
    • In exploring the roots of your being, what discoveries have you made? What aspects of yourself are you seeking to heal or understand more deeply?
    • How do you envision an open heart changing your approach to life, relationships, and community? What steps are you taking to cultivate heart-centered living?
    • What does being an apprentice in a tradition rooted in earth-based wisdom entail for you? What are your hopes and intentions for this journey?
    • How do you balance the mystical with the practical in your daily life? Are there practices or rituals that help you integrate these aspects?

    Who we are here to support

     The women we can support through this work

    Loss of Voice and Identity: Many women struggle with societal pressures that encourage them to conform to certain roles or expectations, leading to a loss of personal identity and voice. This can manifest as a feeling of living a life that doesn't truly align with their inner truth.


    Historical Trauma and Marginalization: Women often carry the wounds of historical trauma, including systemic oppression, gender-based violence, and marginalization. These traumas can be deeply ingrained, spanning generations, and affect their sense of safety, worth, and empowerment.


    Disconnect from Intuition and Inner Wisdom: In a world that often values rationality over intuition, many women find themselves disconnected from their inner wisdom. This disconnection can lead to feelings of uncertainty, self-doubt, and a lack of trust in their own decisions and paths.


    Emotional Suppression: Women are frequently taught to suppress their emotions, leading to an accumulation of unprocessed feelings. This suppression can result in emotional blockages, affecting mental, emotional, and physical health.


    Challenges in Personal Relationships: Issues like co-dependency, difficulties in setting boundaries, and challenges in intimate and familial relationships are common. These relational dynamics can stem from early life experiences or societal conditioning.


    Unhealed Maternal Wounds: Many women carry wounds related to their relationships with their mothers or maternal figures. These can include feelings of abandonment, enmeshment, or a lack of nurturing, profoundly impacting their sense of self and their relationships with others.


    Body Image and Self-Esteem Issues: Societal standards and the media often impose unrealistic expectations on women regarding their bodies and appearance, leading to struggles with body image, self-esteem, and self-acceptance.


    Career and Workplace Challenges: Women navigating their professional lives may face gender discrimination, work-life balance issues, and challenges in asserting themselves in traditionally male-dominated environments.


    Spiritual Disconnection: A sense of disconnection from spiritual practices or beliefs can lead to a feeling of emptiness or a lack of purpose and direction in life.


    Burnout and Self-Neglect: Women, often fulfilling multiple roles, can experience burnout and a tendency to neglect their own needs, leading to physical and emotional exhaustion.

  • Whats involved

    The Rose Oracle: Six-Month Shamanic therapy apprenticeship

    • Module 1: Foundations in Venus Esoteric Traditions and Rose Mysteries

    Introduction to Venus Esoteric Traditions

    Deep Dive into Rose Mysteries and Symbolism

    Altar building and preparing space within and without

    The nature of offerings and opening space

    • Module 2: Lunar Work and The Path of the Goddess

    Embracing the Path of the Goddess

    Rose medicine and rose as a hypnotic

    Teas, tinctures and working with water

    Voice, song & resonance

    • Module 3: Menstruation, Menopause, and Menarche: A Holistic Approach

    Understanding Menstruation in Shamanic Therapy

    Navigating Menopause and Menarche

    Wisdom traditions of the womans body

    Art based practices as ritual

    • Module 4: Geomancy and Nature Immersion

    Basics of Geomancy and Earth Energies

    Nature Vigil/Vision Fasting and Rose Connection

    The body as the Earth, chakras, meridians and nadis

    Plant communication and the beauty way

    • Module 5: Folk Wisdom and Nature's Lessons – Embracing Ancient Knowledge

    Explore folk wisdom, thorn and bramble lessons, and teachings from the apple tree, hawthorn, and blackthorn.

    Celtic shamanism and path of the European wise woman

    • Module 6: Advanced Shamanic Therapies and Channeling

    The Art of the Myrrophore and Magdalena Lineage

    Language of the Divine Mother and Auric Body Reading

    Channeling the Rose and Holding Space with Rose Medicine


    Additional Components:

    • bi -weekly Sessions: Group coaching and healing sessions
    • Pre-recorded master classes
    • Rose meditations and frequency healing
    • Peer to peer support
    • Guest Speakers: Experts in shamanic therapy, integrated medicine
    • Practical Exercises: Vision fasting, creating rose tinctures, auric readings, space clearing
    • Community Building: Dedicated forums and group activities for connection
    • Self led journey work

    A shamanic approach

    Shamanic therapy is a form of healing that draws on ancient traditions and practices. It's based on the belief that all physical, mental, and emotional problems have spiritual components. The therapy often involves journeying to other realms of consciousness, connecting with spirit guides, and engaging in rituals and ceremonies to bring about healing and transformation.


    Key Components of Shamanic Therapy:

    Journeying: Entering altered states of consciousness to access spiritual guidance.

    Spirit Guides: Communicating with spirit animals, ancestors, or other guides for insight and healing.

    Rituals and Ceremonies: Using symbolic actions and rituals to facilitate healing.

    Nature Connection: Emphasizing a deep connection with the natural world and its healing properties.

    Energy Work: Understanding and manipulating the body's energy systems for healing.


    How "The Oracle of the Rose" Prepares for Shamanic Therapy Work:

    The Oracle of the Rose, as described, integrates several aspects that are crucial for preparing individuals to carry out shamanic therapy:
    Understanding Esoteric Traditions: By exploring Venus esoteric traditions and the Rose mysteries, participants gain an understanding of ancient wisdom and symbolic meanings, which are foundational in shamanic practices.
    Lunar and Goddess Work: Learning about lunar cycles and the path of the Goddess helps in aligning with natural rhythms and feminine energies, which are often central to shamanic healing.
    Holistic Approach to Life Stages: Addressing topics like menstruation, menopause, and menarche from a spiritual perspective prepares participants to handle life transitions holistically, a key aspect of shamanic healing.
    Geomancy and Nature Immersion: Shamanic therapy often involves a deep connection with the earth and its energies. Understanding geomancy and engaging in nature vigils or vision fastings deepens this connection.
    Elemental Medicine and Practical Skills: Learning to work with elements, such as creating teas and tinctures, particularly with roses, provides practical skills and understanding of herbal and elemental medicine used in shamanic practices.
    Spiritual and Energy Work: The art of the myrrophore, auric body reading, and channeling the rose involve working with spiritual energies, enhancing the ability to conduct energy healing and spiritual consultations, which are integral to shamanic therapy.
    Community and Communication Skills: Building a community and learning the language of the Divine Mother are essential for creating a supportive environment and for effective communication in healing sessions.
    In essence, "The Oracle of the Rose" program offers a comprehensive preparation for shamanic therapy by blending ancient wisdom with practical skills, fostering a deep connection with nature and spiritual realms, and developing the ability to facilitate healing through various shamanic practices.
    Nature is your guide and teacher on this path.
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    The next level of global leadership looks like women, embodied in gnosis. Clear in their vision and attuned to a deeper, ancient knowing.

  • Do you hear the call?

    Spells, language & Voces Magickae

    Spells, language & Voces Magickae

    55,00 €
    In this 4 hour workshop will explore;
    The art of channeling
    Shamanic languages
    Language & spell crafting
    The Ancient Greek art of Voces Magicae
    Light Language ancient origins
    Incantation, Witch craft & tongues
    Enochian magic

    This is a beautiful workshop delivered live on March 2nd 10am - 2pm GMT and replay is available for purchase.

    Coming soon


    550,00 €
    This is an invitation to join me on a self paced journey through the elements. Exploring the teachings of Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Ether, as well as the expression of Thought & Light.

    This is a pre-recorded journey, which you can move through at your own pace. Seeded with the intention to create practical ritual living and to attune your body to the wisdom of nature through the practice of ancient feminine craft. The intention of this program is to seed a deeper level of embodied wisdom within your being and to expand your awareness of the interplay of the elements within and without.

    This is a self paced course, guidance is to take 2 weeks on each element.

    Each Module is delivered in the form of a pre-recorded Master Class
    There is open invitation to join various online Moon circles that I will be offering to my women's groups through out the remainder of the year.
    You receive
    7 x Master Class teachings
    3 x specifically curated Shamanic Journey Meditations
    Open invitation to online Lunar circles for the remainder of the year.

    Please note all purchases on courses are non-refundable.
    Coming soon
    Witch Medicine

    Witch Medicine

    55,00 €
    In this 4 hour workshop will explore;
    Witch craft & shamanism
    The Old Craft & Faerie
    Wise women & the devil
    Flying ointments & psychedelics
    Trance & brooms
    The Familiar spirit
    Goddess Paths
    The many names of Woman
    Why Modern day Magick

    This is a beautiful workshop was delivered live and the replay is now available for purchase.

    Coming soon