The sacred spiral

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    Connecting to the Divine Feminine

    Variant spellings for the name Druid include 'Draoi’ (pronounced Dree). The term 'Ban Draoi' refers to the female Druids and Priestess of Ancient Ireland.My unique pathway encompasses my Gaelic lineage. A daughter within a long line of magical women, I have been raised with intuitive awareness and understanding of our connection to the subtle energy realms. The mystics of Ireland, have long held the knowledge of the sacred healing modalities and this pathway remains open to those that hear the call. The legacy of the Ban Draoi scales through time embodying the Druidic Priestess, the Seer, Wise Woman, and the Witch. This is a nature path, built upon a rhythm of magick, healing, and wisdom. A lineage passed down through the Gaelic bloodlines and preserved within the sacred trees and master plants of the land.


    'Undoubtedly, the terms draoi and ban-draoi are umbrella terms.

    A ban-draoi can be a midwife, a counsellor, herbalist, a mediator, a diviner, a visionary guide, a bonesetter, or a healer. The same is, of course, true of the draoi.'

    - Frank MacEowen, M.A., The Mist-Filled Path



    I have been blessed with the mentorship of renowned Medicine Woman Shonagh Home, author of Love and Spirit Medicine, Honeybee Wisdom: A Modern Melissa Speaks, plus many other publications. Shonagh has been instrumental in my initiation into the mysteries of the Medicine Woman Traditions. This incredible teacher embodies the practices of the Draoi and continues to guide and support my blossoming pathway within the traditions.



    'On my path as a visionary medicine woman, I have come into connection with extraordinary women who walk to the beat of their own drum, indifferent to the pressures of societal conditioning......The path we walk is a very old one, and women have been drawn to it for millennia.'


    -Shonagh Home, Medicine Woman, Rebirth of an Ancient Calling



    A core mission of DRAOI is the exploration of Western European ways of crafting with plant allies, while harnessing the energies of the divine feminine. Here witchcraft is an essential element in understanding the deeper layers of Europe's shamanic lineages. The role of the feminine as an intermediary between the divine and the natural world is a central force that is honoured within many ancient ritualistic traditions. This is an art that is returning to the landscape as we seek out ways of healing our relationship with the earth. Witch, Volva, Seiðr, Draoi, Oracle, Wu, Wise Woman, the many faces of the divine feminine.


    'To walk the mother road is to seek the magick, medicine and mysteries of the Mother Goddess. Although she comes in many different faces, she is a guide along our journey down her twisting pathway.'


    - Cyndi Brannen, PhD., Entering Hekates Garden




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    Through my studies with teachers from around the world I have unlocked my own inner healer, this wisdom merged with transpersonal and applied psychology disciplines creates a platform for evolving spirit medicine. Where my own practice brings a modern vibration to ancient techniques, developing a distinctive approach that works across a hybrid of modalities.


    A fusion of energy healing, nature immersion, and transpersonal coaching DRAOI is built upon;
    • Intuitive Healing
    • Celtic Shamanism & Traditional European Wise Woman Path
    • Vision Quest/ Nature Immersion
    • Breath Work


    Vision & Values

    A central value of DRAOI is the knowledge that each client has a unique expression, I honor your essence and strive to hold you through stages of profound metamorphosis.


    Nature Immersion/ Visionary Journey Retreats

    For those individuals that are looking for expanded spaces to commune with nature and further activate their personal evolution, I offer deep-dive immersive retreats.


    All retreats are offered on a private basis. You will be in the care of myself plus my small team of support facilitators.


    The Visionary Medicine retreats are offered on a seasonal basis in various locations worldwide, we work with select wild medicines. This is a highly specialised practice and I only take a very select number of individuals through this layer of transcendent development. If you would like to discuss your suitability please get in touch.


    I also offer non-entheogen based re-wilding retreats, exploring with plant allies such as Rose, Artemisia, Oak, Holly and more. All plants chosen are indigenous to the land.


    Yoga, Breathwork, and Ayurvedic food are integral element's on every retreat, with a focus on embodiment and deep nourishment of the soul.


    It is my intention to create a sacred container that reflects your unique needs and desires. To ensure your safety yet to challenge your limiting belief structures. Allowing you to transcend beyond the ego confines, and returning with a profound sense of connection to the earth, the cosmos, and your soul's purpose. It is my vision to create spaces of tangible Magick and to share this gift with you. A sacred space to mirror your divine essence. DRAOI is here to guide and support you along your path of awakening.


    DRAOI Private Medicine Retreat work is fully booked until 2024, but please get in touch if you would like to discuss suitability and wait list.