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    Thinking outside of the box has always come as second nature to me and living a life less ordinary has fueled a lifelong passion for exploring some of the world's most far-reaching corners. Through my own human experience, my academic and professional scope I have developed a unique style that resonates with those in pursuit of empowerment, holism, and conscious change.


    My facilitation challenges the boundaries of personal growth, supporting the evolution of mind, body & spirit. Combining my expertise in Coaching Psychology (MA) alongside mindfulness, breath work and shamanic pathways, my work offers a multi-faceted pathway towards accessing your highest potentials. Currently I am undertaking a PhD in Integral & Transpersonal Psychology, with the California Integral Institute. As well as completing my practioner level training with the somatic therapy approach known as Focusing.



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    Cathy x

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    About Cathy


    Cathy is a Coaching Psychologist (MA) & Visionary Womens Guide. She has dedicated her life to the path of re-wilding and is passionate about rites of passage and the womens mysteries. Her unique approach to leadership coaching sees her blending a deep level of intuition with the ability to see those who sit before her in their highest potential and then walk with them to that place.


    Cathy hosts immersive retreats across the globe and one of her core passions is finding ways to blend the wild with teachings on empowerment and conscious living.


    Cathy is a qualified Breath work facilitator and holds a certificate in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. Also trained in Positive Psychology interventions to support healing, growth and executive leadership. As a Breathworker Cathy has impacted people through profound metamorphosis and her work is sought after by Holistic festivals, CEOs and Shamanic circles alike.


    Cathy is a registered Transpersonal Coach with the International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM).


    Cathy is the host of her own podcast Entheogenica. Having previously sat on the Board of Directors of Awake.net which is a leading voice in the Psychedelic movement & a social impact network for the entheogenic community. She now acts as an advisor to the Awake platform.


    Cathy has mentored and coached women in major leadership roles globally and her passion lies in supporting women to impact sustainable wealth generation, de-colonisation of industry, and re-wilding of the body & mind through nature.


    At the core of Cathys work lies a deep curiosity in women's mysticism and the Esoteric, she has initiated and trained under teachers on her home land of Ireland as well as with highly skilled guides from around the world including renowned Medicine Woman Shonagh Home. Cathy is the embodiment of a modern medicine woman and identifies as a Ban Draoi - Irish Wise Woman. Bringing a modern vibration to ancient practices she effortlessly merges science and mysticism to support a grounded approach to mysticism as a way of life that can be woven into career, expression and community.


    Cathy has trained as a Holistic Rose practitioner with the Rosa Mystica Temple & guide Sorcha Rose. Also holds a 200 hr teacher training in Yoga & Ayurveda for womens health.


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